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4th of July night

4th of july this year was nothing spectacular just getting together with friends for early dinner with everyone then splitting up to either go to fireworks, another party or home. I had planned on going home because I had alot planned to get done on sunday and who I confessed this to was about to head off with her husband and 2 friends to crash a block party. They had met the band a night before and the band had invited them to crash the party. Well confessing only gets you in trouble. She tattled to her husband who threw open the porch door before I could escaped and announced that "Hell no you're not going home. You need to ride and do officework tomorrow is bullshit. Now get your ass in the car." His wife popped out from him and proclaimed with an evil grin , "I told on you."
So I ended up smooshed between two guys (I enjoyed the smooshing actually) in the back seat listening to the chaos of getting directions and figuring out where the hell the block party is, which is in BFE slightly. At one point the 2 gentlemen had made enough complaints of being out of beer, the need to pull over to pull the beer out of the cooler in the trunk, and pointing out pull-off spots, that the driver ask, "Does the back seat not fold down to allow access to the trunk?"
"Really" was their chorused response and lo and behold one of the seats did fold forward and this is how I ended up in the trunk of a moving vechicle to fetch beers for the guys with my feet sticking out in the backseat and getting stuck for a slight moment trying to extricate myself from said trunk. The guys were impressed and it thankfully shut them up for a few minutes. Thankfully we found the block party before they completely ran dry again.

Lexington review

So far the past 3 weeks I disappeared to an equine hospital in lexington, KY. For a boarded veterinarian to do this raised alot of eyebrows especially at the visiitng practice, but one of my resident advisors works there in medicine and had offered for me to come up and basically hangout on medicine whenever I wanted. So I finally took him up on the invite, visited and lived in the student house. I needed the trip to not only sharpen dusty skills and knowledge, but to get a grip on my life and career (I've been a bit of a downward slump). And now that I am back, I am counting the days when I could possibly return in the spring when it is really busy. The staff and medicine section were incredibly nice and a blast to work alongside. I walked away with a better knowledge of how to diagnosis and treat disease, ideas for research projects, and moral boost in my teaching skills. The area is beautiful and enjoyed the days on weekends when I could just drive around and gawked at the farms. I enjoyed being immersed in a horse industry again. I once again was looking forward to seeing emergencies at night and reading on cases. I slept an average of 5 -6 hours a night and didn't feel that tired the following day (Before I went I was sleeping way to much). Staying in the house was like a very mellow version of MTV realworld. We had a community living room and kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and 5 bedrooms. On average there was 6 people. We had no TV since the switch to digital, so I discovered that yes I can live without TV however, at the end of the day everyone lounged around the living room with laptops because we did have internet. The students were alot of fun to be with an their enthusiam over vet med really helped my outlook. I enjoyed every minute of my visit and has brought new vigar into my attitude, I just hope it lasts.

why I shipped a box of ho-hos to my friend

I have been in lexington for the past 2 weeks at an equine practice. During this time I found and bought several boxes of ho-ho's to ship to my friend in florida. The looks at the post office as I loaded said dessert into boxes for shipment were of the "she needs to see a therapist" cuz seriously who would ship mass quantitiy produced ho-ho's. Well I did and this is why.
My friend chaos and I solidified our best friend status way back in the 90's after working together at kenneland september sales (throughbred sales). It basically involved getting up BEFORE the crack of dawn, mucking stalls, and grooming yearlings for sales. It was hard work but it was one of the most memomrable moments of my life and I also ended up with one of best friends of my life. If you can live together while doing this work and not kill each other, you will be best friends. So anyway what does this have to do with the shipping of ho-ho's, well every morning on our way to the barn, we stopped to grab breakfeast.I grabbed a fried egg sandwich from waffle house while chaos popped into the gas station for a package of ho-ho's. And every morning I would harrass her about getting her "Damn ho-ho's" for breakfest. At that time and since we had only every seen them sold in kentucky, so since I'm up here I of course bought some and sent them her way with the note.."Here are your damn ho-ho's"
Other memories from that time are private jokes between the two of us and tends to drive evryone else nuts and include an irish version of old macdonald had a farm, hearing every verse for the day the music died, understanding the importance of having a plant nearby when you drink with irishmen, the convience of having stone wall everywhere around lexington when you really really need to pee, how hard it is to race to the toilet after eating trackside burritos (and learning the holding diarrhea dance), and the fact that a friendship can be cemented by early morning bitching at each other.

Derby 2009

Just WOW. This is one of those derbys that you just want to watch the replay over and over again. I had been talking to choas during the race as we made our own analysis and when Mine the Bird showed up charging like a house on fire on the rail we both started screaming "Who the fuck is that????" We both had no clue who it was and could understand what the announcer was saying. I remarked when he won "Dude who the fuck just won the derby" Kudos to the trainer and major kudos to the jockey. He rode that race perfectly. It was becasue of him that a 50-1 longshot destroyed his competition in the derby. I also highly enjoyed his high fives and fist pumping over the win. He deserved it and his jubilation brought a smile to my face.

One other remark, a little of a soapbox. Before the race the three announcers talked about needing more data and research into drug tetsing and therapeutic drugs used in racing thoroughbreds. That would be wonderful but we need MONEY. Reserach is not free or cheap. I have alot questions and so does the public and equine researchers want answers but that can not be achieved through wishing for it. It needs finacial support.

chicken auction

So what do we do when were poor, looking for some cheap entertainment and also accompany some friends who actually need some chickens? We go to the chicken auction in eclectic, al. As we drive into a trailer park we make our way to the back to find a grass parking lot full of trucks and a tin building with a big plastic KFC sign imbedded within it. As you walk up to the first entrance chickens, goats and rabbits are lined up in cages for expection prior to the auction. Once you make your way pass the auction table, which is nothing more that several folding tables in a row, you look for a seat or place to stand. The interior wall of the building is lined with cardboard with the occasional tuft of insulation peeking thru, the dirt floor is covered first by shag carpet and then various carpet remanats all the way back to the food stand in the back. Your choice of chairs include: overstuff couches, old fashion upholsetry couches, metal, wood or cloth-backed chairs, or ripped out bus seats on concrete blocks. The variety of people and children milling about is entertaining. The auctioneer begins the auction with a prayer which actually pretty straight forward and simple, in the past his political views have been included. And then the auction begins with people displaying the chickens, rabbits or goats to the crowd as the auctioneer sings. The buyer then comes and collects his/her purchase. There is no cage hand-off, the people collect the animal and either transfer to their own cage or sit with it in their lap. Yes chickens get loose and fly about the building occasionally only to be snagged by a someone in the crowd and returned to its owner. It's 2 hours of people-watching entertainment with animals sounds and the auctioneer as the soundtrack. It's simple, very country and hard to explain till you attend.

phone message

This is the phone message attached to my section of the board this a.m.

Ms.... Has a problem with a neighbor shooting gun into pasture of horses. Horses are dropping weight and not eating, Needs advice on what to do.

Ummm call the cops?

new level of texting

Only in Alabama would I get a text my brother who is in a tree stand to inform me that he is bored, it's windy as hell, nothing is moving but armadillos, and can I give him an update on work gossip.

Ahhh a new year

The new year is now upon us and like everyone else trying to set up some goals both personally and professionally that need to be accomplished this year.
But before we get done to business, what has happened since the last post, really not much besides work, work and work; oh yeah and christmas.
work related happenings:
-my mentor returned from Italy so finally have someone to bounce ideas off of and gossip with
-I visited my brother briefly in LA and ended up helping him and his girlfriend move, but I still got to see the city a bit and see the new preview for Star Trek on an IMAX screen.
-watched both my football teams go done in flames, auburn was more like a gas explosion.
-wrote my grants and am praying I get some funding
-ran a 5K and won my age division (no not telling which age division, but being in an age division just sucks)
-helped a memeber of the auburn family move in before she starts her new job running the horse unit

-always there was family drama which fortunately happened before the big day
-my brother trying to kill himself by lighting a brush pile after tossing lighter fluid on it (why is it the more letters behind your name the dumber things you do, he has a PhD obvioulsy not in chemistry)
-playing lightsabers with my nephew on christmas morning
-watching my wildlife virgin family get all excited over a tortosie and turkeys
-by far the best present getting a stargate necklace from my friend chaos


October was busy as well with football, student activities and work obligations. Football season has well sucked a Auburn as gone to straight to hell with out passing go. Miami is a roller coaster but with an almost entire green team not unexpected.

The Auburn equestrian team is number one and remianed that way after beating Ga at home who was ranked second. It was awesome. I love being a part of this team. The comardarie of the staff is great and it is the only meeting I look forward to weekly. Currently the atheletic trainer and I compete to see who's laid-up list is shorter. It is always a fun meeting that makes alot of progress instead of everyone seating at a table bitching and nothing being done. things get done with theteam and is sooo refreshing.

The funniest thing this month was right after halloween. I go over every sunday to watch dexter at a friends place. Her and her husband decided to recreate a kill scene for me, especially since I've been bitching that there has not been enough killings this season.


Not only was it the beginning of football season, which my teams have been taking a steady downward spiral, it seemed to be every weekend occupied month. The two highlights were AU-LSU game and going to Puerto rico for CE and some down time with a good friend.

The AU equestrian team was recognized for their 2008 huntseat national championship prior to the game against LSU. The head coach had invited me and told me to wear nice pair of slacks and a shirt that I was going with the team onto the field. So I thought cool. I've been on the field sidelines before the game in the corner before and is always a thrill. Little did I know that no he planned on me joining the team in the middle of the field for recognition and had free roam of the sidelines before the game and when the team took the field. Yes a highlight of my life and made quite a few friends and collegues jealous. Oh the pictures this was my favorite and I sounded like a total geek when I texted my brother to tell him I was staring at the gameballs at my feet.

Puerto Rico was also on the agenda for needed R&R and CE. I had a great time with my friend and one of her co-workers and the meeting was good. I walked away with an idea for a research project and also got some updates in regards to where our profession is headed. Some highlights include:
-My friend's coworker (N) who after only being in a car with us for 10 minutes annonced that we were like an old married couple
-Discovered mojitos, my "drink" while in puerto rico
-getting lost going to the rain forest and arriving at the islands prison. My friend who's married remarked to N and I, who are both single, that there were plenty of men there.
-we decided to hike all the way to the peak in the rain forest. it was a really long way up and down but heh during that time we had some really good girl talk and developed a code for describing men to each other.
-my morning person friend not getting pissed when she knocked on my door at 6am instead of 615 to me nonmorning person with a mug of coffee answering the door with a growled "it's not 615" followed by a door closed in her face
-going fishing and being the boat of all women who came in second but had no upchuckers
-playing hooky on the beach